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Q: What is Colopril exactly?

A: Colopril is a natural supplement that is designed to help keep your internal system cleansed and free from toxic waste. Additionally, it helps detoxify your organs and bloodstream which ensures all systems in the body function at an optimal level. Because it contains a superior blend of scientifically developed, natural key active ingredients, you’ll feel confident in the knowledge that your body is getting everything it needs to feel energized, invigorated and in peak health.

Q: Who should take Colopril?

A: Colopril is made for men and women who want to naturally support the health of their colon while also keeping all their vital organs healthy and fully-functioning.

Q: Is the Colopril formula safe?

A: Absolutely! Colopril has been specifically developed with your safety in mind. By only using ingredients found in nature such as apple pectin, fennel seed, ginger root, mint leaf, oat bran, psyllium husk, cascara sagrada bark, barley rice fiber and Lactobacillus Acidophilus, it has the ability to work with your body for powerful results. However, unlike some cleansing supplements, Colopril is also gentle on your digestive system so you’ll get all the benefits with none of the harmful or unpleasant side effects.

Q: How many capsules are in each bottle?

A: One bottle of Colopril contains 90 capsules.

Q: How should I use Colopril?

A: Suggested Usage: We recommend that you take Colopril at a dose of two capsules per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon initially. If you find that you’re not having two eliminations a day, you should increase the dose to four capsules every day, two in the morning and two more in the afternoon. This dose can be increased further if you find that your number of eliminations still hasn’t increased – take three in the morning and three in the afternoon for a total of six every day. If you feel the need to take more than six per day, we recommend that you speak to your healthcare provider first.

Q: Will I have to change my daily routine when I take Colopril?

A: Not at all! In fact, one of the most common comments our customers make about Colopril is how great it is that they don’t have to change any of their daily activities! While you may feel the need to go to the bathroom more frequently when you begin taking the supplement, you certainly won’t have any embarrassing moments or washroom ‘emergencies’!

Q: Do I have to change the way I eat when taking Colopril?

A: It’s always wise to eat a diet that is high in fresh, healthy foods and, by doing so, you’ll be able to get the maximum benefits from taking Colopril. However, while we certainly recommend a diet that is based on lean proteins such as fish and white meats, vegetables and unprocessed foods, how you decide to eat is entirely your personal choice.

Q: Is Colopril a weight loss supplement?

A: Colopril is designed to rid the body of built-up waste that can contribute to weight gain. When you start taking the product, and have not previously experienced regular colon cleansing, you may find that you will lose a certain amount of weight; however, keep in mind that this is waste material, not body fat. So, while Colopril is not designed specifically for people who want to lose weight, it can contribute to overall healthy weight management.

Q: What is the recommended length of time I should be taking Colopril?

A: For best results, we suggest taking Colopril for a total of 30 days followed by a 30-day resting period. However, this will vary depending on several factors such as your level of health, the amount of built-up waste in your body and your overall diet.

Q: Can anyone take Colopril?

A: All the ingredients contained in Colopril are considered safe to use by most people. However, as with any natural health product, you should discuss it with your primary healthcare provider first, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, allergic to certain substances, have a medical condition or taking any medication.

Q: Does Colopril come with a money back guarantee?

A: While we’re confident that Colopril will produce the results you expect, we do offer a 100% money back guarantee. This means that you can return the product within 60 days of purchase simply by contacting customer service, obtaining a return authorization number and sending us your product(s). For full details of our 60-day money back guarantee, click here.

Q. Will I have to wait long to see results from using Colopril?

A: As with any health supplement, individual results will vary, but Colopril was made to be fast-acting and many people start experiencing benefits within just two weeks.

Q: What can I do to boost the effects of Colopril?

A: To get the most benefits from Colopril, we recommend using it as part of the total LEAN AND CLEAN SYSTEM. This is a two-part program that helps people who may be struggling to lose weight jump start their progress. While diet and exercise are important, a dirty, toxic colon, sluggish metabolism and bloated stomach can have a negative effect on your weight management goals. By using The LEAN AND CLEAN SYSTEM you’ll be able to address all these issues and more with the powerful combination of our superior natural products. Both these incredible formulas are powerful when used alone, but together they give you the ingredients you need to take your weight loss to the next level and beyond! To learn more about the 2-step LEAN AND CLEAN SYSTEM click here!

Q. I currently take medication. Can I still use Colopril?

A: The natural ingredients in Colopril’s formula are safe for most people, but if you have any doubts it’s best to consult with a healthcare provider. Whether you’re taking a prescription medication, prone to allergic reactions, pregnant or nursing, seeking professional advice is always recommended.

Q: Where is Colopril made?

A: We manufacture Colopril in an FDA-approved facility in the USA. We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines in order to guarantee quality control in every product we make.

Q: Do I have to take Colopril forever?

A: Colopril has been designed to be an active part of your long-term health plan. It can be taken safely on an ongoing basis but should be used in cycles of 30-days on and 30-days off. By following this routine, you’ll gain the most benefits from the product and ensure that your colon stays clean and fully-functioning.

Q: Have there been any clinical studies performed on Colopril?

A: The key active ingredients used in Colopril’s formula have undergone extensive clinical and scientific testing.

Q: Will my order be shipped discretely?

A: Yes, we respect your privacy by shipping your product in plain packaging from our fulfillment centre.

Q: Will it say ‘Colopril’ on my credit card statement?

A: No, charges for your purchase of Colopril will show up on your statement as “iHealth Fulfillment”.

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