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Have you tried to lose weight without success? Are you always feelings tired, heavy and bloated? If so, you need our Lean & Clean System to help kick-start your weight loss efforts and detoxify your body!

We all know how hard it can be to lose weight – even if you do all you can to eat right and exercise, somehow the pounds just won’t shift! If you’re finding that you’ve hit a weight loss plateau or are feeling sluggish due to constipation and irregular bowel movements, the Lean & Clean System is what you need! This revolutionary system has been clinically formulated to help support your weight loss efforts and detoxify the body, eliminating built-up waste, fecal matter and heavy metals. The result is a leaner body, more energy and an overall improvement in your appearance. While Colopril and Phenocal are both amazing standalone products, combined they pack a powerful punch, working synergistically to give your body everything it needs to achieve optimal health.

Eliminate Unhealthy Built-Up Waste With Colopril

The first step in the Lean & Clean System is Colopril. This potent cleanser uses a blend of natural ingredients to help the body eliminate the toxins, fecal matter and pathogens that make you feel sluggish, weighed down and fatigued. With its combination of dietary fibers and gentle laxatives, it works with your body to move waste through the colon at a faster rate while increasing the number of daily bowel movements. Unlike some colon cleansers on the market, Colopril produces results that won’t have you running for the bathroom or catch you off-guard leading to potentially embarrassing situations!

See What Colopril Can Do For You!
  • Increase the frequency of daily eliminations to reduce the occurrence of constipation
  • Move fecal matter through the system at a faster rate to help you lose excess weight
  • Detoxify your entire system for a clearer, brighter complexion
  • Improve digestion thereby reducing heartburn, bloating and gassiness

If you’re not having two or three bowel movements a day, your colon could be at risk of becoming toxic and unhealthy. Many people aren’t even aware of just how much better they could feel by ridding their body of the built-up waste that’s weighing them down. If irregularity, poor digestion, bloating and fatigue is affecting your quality of life, you need Colopril!

Kickstart Your Weight Loss With Phenocal!

The second step in the Lean & Clean System is Phenocal, the perfect partner to Colopril. While Colopril works on ridding the body of harmful waste and toxins, Phenocal provides key active ingredients to stimulate your system into burning more calories, in addition to curbing the appetite and revving up the metabolism. With a proprietary blend of natural substances such as Hoodia Gordonii and Glucomannan, Phenocal helps you achieve that lean physique you’ve always dreamed of.

Phenocal Supports Your Weight Loss Efforts in the Following Ways…
  • Optimizes your energy levels so you can work out more effectively
  • Reduces excess weight to create a slimmer silhouette
  • Suppresses the appetite to curb cravings and reduce the risk of snacking between meals
  • Eliminates areas of stubborn fat that exercise alone can’t help
Colopril + Phenocal

Unlike some weight loss products on the market, Phenocal uses natural ingredients that, while gentle, are highly effective. The fiber content in the formula complements that of Colopril’s, further contributing to a clean, healthy colon, while the natural stimulants boost your energy levels without leaving you feeling jittery. With no harmful chemicals or dangerous banned substances, Phenocal can be used on a long-term basis with absolutely no risk to your health. It’s the only product you need to burn more calories and fat, eliminate food cravings and overeating, and give you the energy you need to maximize your workouts.

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The Lean & Clean System is Safe and Effective

We only selected the best ingredients for both products in the Lean & Clean System – all the key active ingredients used in Phenocal and Colopril have been tested for purity, safety and effectiveness and are contained in their standardized amounts, ensuring quality and consistency with every dose. We never use additives, fillers or unnecessary chemicals in our products and they will never become addictive or habit-forming, even with long-term use. All ingredients chosen for our supplements are pharmacy grade and GMP laboratory certified. We guarantee it.

Start Your Journey to Optimal Health Now!

Just imagine never having to search for another weight loss supplement or be disappointed by an ineffective colon cleansing product – with the Lean & Clean System, you have everything you need to become the healthiest you’ve ever been! See how quickly the potent dual combination of products eliminates waste, detoxifies your entire system, increases your energy levels and suppresses your appetite – you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner, leaner and revitalized you’ll be in such a short time!

Order the Lean & Clean System now and begin that journey to a new, healthier you! You have nothing to lose except the weight and waste that’s been dragging you down! Still not convinced? Try the Lean & Clean System for 60-days RISK FREE! That’s right! We’re so sure that you’ll experience amazing results using our two-step system that we back it up with a 100% money back guarantee. Not only that, but with every order you’ll also receive 2 FREE eBooks packed with information and tips on exercise, nutrition and healthy living. Good health and a slimmer, sexier body are yours for the taking – order the Lean & Clean System today!

Free Ebook
When you order the Lean and Clean System™ you will receive 2 FREE Personal eBook to help keep your new healthy lifestyle on track.

Simple Steps to help you follow the Lean and Clean System
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Exercise plan
  • Tips on Healthy living

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements and the supplement product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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